About Us

Whippoorwill Apothecary is a woman owned and operated small business launched by a daughter and mother team in May 2021.  Whippoorwill Apothecary is an artisan bath and body product company that offer quality products for all; women, teens, kids, and men.  We offer soaps, shower steamers, bath salt and teas, bath bombs, lip balms, body butter and wax melts.  

We are a little bit of southern femininity with a swear jar close by. 


Kimberly Lingerfeldt is the founder and creative force of Whippoorwill Apothecary. She currently lives in Chester, South Carolina for the past six years. She has lived in several states, southern Missouri; Houston, Texas; Waterford, Michigan; Columbia, Missouri; and also Kings Mountain, North Carolina. She has three kids (ages 26, 18, and 17), two who still live with her, her daughter (age 18) and stepson (age17). Along with her two children; her mom, boyfriend and all her pets (6 cats and 2 dogs) make up the rest of her household. She homeschooled her youngest kids for several years. She also worked in the Early Childhood field for more than 20 years. She LOVES all things Disney World and Disney. She also like photography, buying scrapbooking supplies and naps.



Brenda Grable is the co-founder and voice of reason for Whippoorwill Apothecary. She currently lives in Chester, South Carolina with her daughter, daughter’s boyfriend, two of her grandkids and all the pets. Brenda comes from the corporate world where she was an executive secretary, she currently works in retail, but is looking forward to retirement. She is a Harry Potter fan.