Honeysuckle Bath Soak

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Our HONEYSUCKLE scent is a captivating blend of fresh honeysuckle intertwined with hints of jasmine, roses, and lilacs.  This aromatic blend is an intensely floral and sweet scent that is reminiscent of springtime, but is still perfect for all seasons. You will surely fall in love with its rich floral aroma.  For an added luxurious addition our Honeysuckle bath soaks also feature rose petals and buds, hibiscus flowers, 4 different types of salts, 2 different types of magnesium!

Our bath soaks come in two different sizes.  3.5 ounces or 7.25 ounces


Rose Buds & Petals - red [Rosa centifolia]; Epsom Bath Salt [Magnesium sulfate]; Dead Sea Salt [Magnesium Chloride (and) Potassium Chloride (and) Sodium Chloride (and) Calcium Chloride]; Himalayan Pink Salt [Maris Sal]; Baking Soda [Sodium Bicarbonate]; Hibiscus Flower - whole [Hibiscus sabdariffa]; Black Hawaiian Salt [Sodium Chloride - Hiwa Kai Salt]; Dendritic Salt [Sodium Chloride]; fragrance oil; Tapioca Starch [Tapioca Starch]